What is New Hope Ministries?

New Hope Ministries is a Christian non-profit child sponsorship organization  focused on making a long term impact using holistic approach to the child’s development by providing Nutritious Food, Education, Medical Aid, Personal Development and Training.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

Your monthly sponsorship of $40 provides Full Meal, Education, Safe Environment, Medical Aid, Personal Development, Life skills Training and Spiritual Guidance.

  • Sponsor to a children’s home child $40
  • Sponsor to a day school child $30
  • Sponsor to a Bible school student $40
  • Sponsor to a Church planter $40
  • Sponsor to a New Church Building – Its depending upon the location and the building size. We can write e-mail to you
  • Sponsor to a leadership seminar - We can write e-mail to you
  • Sponsor to a medical camp - We can write e-mail to you
  • Sponsor to a pastors’ seminar - We can write e-mail to you
What projects would you undertake?

English Medium School for the Community Children

Church Planting

Medical Camps for poor and distressed

Church building construction.

Children’s Home.

Bible school training.

Skill Development programs for men and women.

Pastors seminars

Leadership Development Seminars for men and women.

Women’s meetings

Old age Pensions

Prayer cells

Students scholarship support


Free transportation facility.

Youth retreats

School building construction.

How can I help for a medical camp?

Aaron Lech is a doctor who has been bringing the expert team of doctors from America to India every year and organizing the Medical Camps successfully for years. If you desire to sponsor for a medical camp please send us an email.

is my giving tax DEDUCTIBLE?

Yes, your giving is tax deductible.  You will be receipted for your giving on an annual basis by our financial processor.

What percentage of my sponsorship actually goes to India?

95% of your monthly giving goes directly to India for the benefit of your sponsored child.

Can I send gifts or packages?

No, unfortunately we are not able to receive the packages because of the postal disruption.

Can I write to my sponsored child?

Yes, you can write to your sponsored child through New Hope Ministries office email. So that we will translate the letter in our language and then pass on to the child. Their replies are returned the same way. Please allow several weeks for this process to take place.

Will my child write to me?

Absolutely! Children usually write back their response about twice per year through email from our office.

How do i make payment?

Payments can be made by credit card/debit card. You can set up your credit card or debit card to be automatically charged. This can be done through our website Give page. 

If you desire to pay by check, envelopes will be mailed to you to send your payment to our office. 

If you wish to make an annual payment you can do so by credit card or by check. 

How long is my COMMITMENT?

Indefinite until you desire to discontinue due to change of circumstances. Please contact our office.