Childrens Care Ministry

"Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me." (Mark 9:37) There are millions of children who crave love, security and protection. All children are born with potential and abilities, yet cultural and family circumstances conspire to condemn many orphans and children from dysfunctional families to a life of forced child labor, crime, enslavement into sex trafficking, or drug addiction. This often results in extreme anti-social behavior and even suicide. The children themselves cannot be blamed, as poverty and lack of familial love are the two main reasons for their behavior.

It is the calling of the church to care for these children with a Christian approach. New Hope Ministries currently house’s over 130 children on campus and we support many more through their college education. New applicants are screened by local pastors, local mayors and village leaders, who verify family circumstances and need of the child. Once confirmed, the child is admitted to the Children's Care Ministry. If there is no room for new admissions, the child is placed in the care of an able family member (often a grandmother) who will receive financial support from New Hope, so the child will be able to receive the love and education they deserve.

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