New Hope Ministries opened a government registered, not for profit English Medium school in August 2010. Our vision is to reach the people of our community who are destitute, and whose values have been shaped by witchcraft by offering free education, food and clothing to qualifying children. Our hope is that by serving these children, generations of people condemned to poverty and entrenched in sorcery will experience the life changing power of the love of God.

Our school has acquired an excellent reputation and now includes enrollment of children from Chillakallu and six neighboring villages. We are seeing the fruit of good moral training in the lives of these children, with their transformation impacting the lives of their parents, many of whom have left their old practices, to become productive members of society. Some are even serving in New Hope Ministries.

The benevolent support of our ministry partners provides the funding to educate, feed, clothe and provide supplies and transportation to each student. The salaries of the school staff and administrative costs also come from generous supporters. We are currently constructing a government mandated stand-alone campus for the school, to remove the school from our church campus. Ultimately, our vision is to allow enrollment of students able to pay for their education. This tuition will fund the disadvantaged students and will ultimately lead to a self-supporting, not for profit school. We invite you to prayerfully consider supporting our school so that you may help positively impact the life of a child here in India.

Visit our Give page for more information if you would like to support our school.

(All donations are completely tax deductible.)